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Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective

Chapter 16

August 19, 2017

What is a woman’s role in the church? Many teach that the Scriptures endorse a silent and subservient while the men lead. As the letter to the Romans closes, Shaul/Paul’s final greetings reveal a marvelous hermeneutic truth: leadership in the home and in the congregation is appointed by Yahuwah and His annointing does not recognize gender preference.

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Chapter 15

August 5, 2017

Who has been elevated to the priesthood? Shaul/Paul harkens back to language and themes used in Yeshayahu/Isaiah to show that establish the completion of prophecy through Yahusha. Shaul/Paul not only demonstrates that through Messianic Reformation, the Melchizedek Priesthood was established and the fullness of the Gentiles has come in to serve Yahuwah.

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Chapter 14

July 22, 2017

Do you cause fellow believers to stumble by your eating? Many have used this passage to establish unbiblical precedents. Shaul/Paul is not doing away with the dietary instructions, but rather establishes standards of building a community and whats causes harm to that community. We are command to exhibit faithfulness with our approach to our food, so not as to condemn ourselves with what we allow.

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Chapter 13 Part 3

July 15, 2017

Who is the True Lawgiver, man or Yahuwah? Yahuwah’s government looks nothing like the corrupt government of men. We have responsibilities and requirements for stewarding the life that Yahuwah has blessed us with, and we will be required to answer for our decisions. The only true liberty we can ever find is in walking in Royal Covenant Torah.

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Chapter 13 Part 2

July 8, 2017

Can we follow the instruction of Yahuwah and obey the government? All established government is based upon a theocracy, but the elohim being served is not always Yahuwah. As believers in a world that does not value righteousness, we must remain true to Yah, but we must walk a path of maturity, temperance, and self-control, empowered by the Ruach ha’Kodesh/Holy Spirit.

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Chapter 13 Part 1

July 1, 2017

Does Shaul/Paul advocate for blind submission to government authority? The first seven verses of Romans 13 have been used and abused by the Institutional Church to establish religio-political authoritarian positions. Scripture advocates for behavior that is lawful to Yahuwah, refuting tyranny that is a terror to good works.

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Chapter 12 Part 2

June 17, 2017

Have you come into the community? Despite current popular doctrines, a walk of faith is not simply “me and Jesus”. Shaul/Paul sides with Yahusha in gathering believers together for corporate unity under Messiah. Division becomes a byproduct of a person being called into the Israel of Elohim.

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Chapter 12 Part 1

June 10, 2017

Are you performing your act of reasonable temple service? Shaul/Paul understood that this concept not only started prior to the construction of the tabernacle or temple, but would be vital to Daniel’s prophetic vision of our future. Discover how a willful mistranslation, a Daniel deception, can reshape your eschatological views and harmonize with the whole of Scripture.

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Chapter 11 Part 2

June 3, 2017

Do you bear the Root, or is the Root bearing you? What Yahuwah planted one Israel that became two nations through division and eventually both nations were laid bare before all the nations, as branches both natural and unnatural or cultivated and uncultivated were cut off. Regardless of what type of branch we are, if we are not connected to the root of that tree which is Messiah, we wither and die.

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Chapter 11 Part 1

May 13, 2017

Who are the people of Yah? Shaul/Paul understood that there was a seamless priestly garment that was a covering for all of Israel. One Messiah, One Covenant, One People. Yahuwah will prune and graft in, but will always be focused on the branches of Isreal, rooted in Yahusha.

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Chapter 10

May 6, 2017

Does your zealousness for the Father and His Torah cause you to lose discernment when it comes to the Son? On its own, Torah will not lead us to total righteousness. Only covenant relationship through Yahusha will allow us to enter into forensic righteousness before Yahuwah.

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Chapter 9 Part 2

May 4, 2017

Are the concepts of grace and mercy only found in the New Testament? Shaul/Paul ties into the linguistic connection of mercy to corporate Israel and the biblical prophecy made by Hoshea/Hosea. Israel will be regathered and united under a Melchizedek High Priest, Yahusha!

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Chapter 9 Part 1

April 22, 2017

How should we define biblical Israel? Shaul/Paul draws some distinctions between a physical and spiritual Israel, in order to demonstrate the necessity of an individual to belong to both, to be a fully regenerated Israelite.

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Chapter 8 Part 3

April 10, 2017

What is it that Yahusha has come to redeem? Creation is groaning and Yahuwah intends to wholly reverse the impact of sin. Shaul/Paul understood that there was a threefold linguistic pattern between the words: “blood,” “ground,” and “thorns” that has existed since Berishith/The Beginning.

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“All about the Ruach/Spirit”

March 25, 2017

The Holy Spirit herself doth testify? We take a pause in our study of Romans to reflect on verses 16 and 17 in the eighth chapter to focus specifically on the Ruach Ha Kodesh/Holy Spirit. Join us as we test the traditional understandings of the nature of the Ruach/Spirit against the whole of Scripture and the truth of the text.

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Chapter 8 Part 1

March 18, 2017

Which “law” do you prefer; the “law of sin and death” or “the law of the Spirit of Life”? As there is then, now, no condemnation for those who are in Messiah, we are free to walk as Abraham did, in Royal Covenant Torah. Only through Yahusha’s blood ratification, can we return to Torah that transforms our inward man, leading us to right action.

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Chapter 6

March 4, 2017

What does ‘under the law’/‘hupo nomon’ really mean? Traditional approaches to the text have resulted in doctrine that is not consistent with the context of the whole of Scripture. If we reject Yahusha’s inauguration of the New Covenant, we bind ourselves to the curses that are contained in the Book of the Law. Grace cannot be divorced from it’s inception point, national covenant blessing.

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Chapter 7

March 1, 2017

How can an adulteress bride return to her husband? Shaul/Paul uses his intimate knowledge of Torah to help the audience awaken to the reality of redemption through Yahusha. If we interpret the verses without a proper knowledge of Torah, we run the risk of creating a false dichotomy between law and grace.

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Chapter 5

February 25, 2017

Is Torah synonymous with The Law of Moses? Limiting out understanding of these terms cannot be limited to the first five books of the Bible. Rabbinical tradition inherited by the Institutional Church has created a paradigm that has impacted our ability to rightly divide Scripture. Shaul/Paul admonishes us to seek a better reconciliation; by covenant, through the blood of Yahusha.

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Chapter 4

February 19, 2017

Whose faith do you want to have? Shaul/Paul understood that mere adherence to a set of standards was not congruent with faith in Messiah. Salvation is not determined by works, heritage, tradition, or a single prayer you utter. As we are called from the nations to return to being biblical Israel, it is the faith and fidelity of our father, Abraham, which we must have.

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Chapter 3

February 11, 2017

What are the “ergon nomou/works of the law”? How we answer this question will determine how we enter into a covenant relationship with Yahusha. His blood and the zenith of His righteousness allows us to return to Covenant Torah. Will we be faithful and walk in His commandments?

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Chapter 2

February 4, 2017

How will we be judged, with or without the law? Shaul/Paul makes the distinction for judgment that correlates with the prophets and the revelation to Yochannan/John. All will be judged according to the books and what is written in them, but only those in the Book of the Covenant will be blotted out of the Book of Works.

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Chapter 1

January 28, 2017

What are the base sins? In the longest and most intentional introductions in the epistles, Shaul/Paul not only establishes his credentials but creates a creed that we can use today. Discover the importance of Shaul/Paul’s cautionary words to the Romans on the divine standards of morality.

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January 21, 2017

Romiyah / Romans is the most influential letter ever written and have impacted theology, politics, civil law, and church doctrine in the West. Classical approaches to this epistle have started Reformations and used to support misogyny. What if our approach to Shaul/Paul’s letter has been wrong? Join our study, as we leave behind traditional interpretations, in favor of the truth of the original language and the context of the whole of Scripture!

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