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Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Intro

Romiyah/Romans is the most influential letter ever written and have impacted theology, politics, civil law, and church doctrine in the West. Classical approaches to this epistle have started Reformations and used to support misogyny. What if our approach to Shaul/Paul’s letter has been wrong? Join our study, as we leave behind traditional interpretations, in favor of the truth of the original language and the context of the whole of Scripture!

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Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Intro

Are you walking in freedom? In the Institutionalized Church, Galutyah/Galatians is used to justify a Christian’s severance from the law of Moshe/Moses. Is this truly the intent of the epistle, divided from the rest of Scripture? Some have found the text to be so problematic that they reject Shaul/Paul altogether. Join us, as we study Galutyah/Galatians!

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The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Intro

Are you on the narrow path? The Yochanan/Johannine Epistles are an exposition of those who have gone out from us on the narrow Melchizedek Path, into the esoteric wisdom of men. There is truly nothing new under the sun, as the same perversions that crept into the assemblies of The Way are present with us today.

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James the Just – Intro

Yaakov Tzadik, or James the Just: Brother of Messiah, Zealot Leader, and Episcopate of the Jerusalem Assembly. Is this epistle simply an unpacking of Christology, or a guide for practical living among the Melchizedek priesthood? Join us, as we delve into the text itself and the history of it’s author; Yaakov/James!

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Hebrews Hebraically – Intro

What is going on with the book of Ivrim/Hebrews? Is it a Pauline epistle? A confirmation of the end of the Law of Moshe/Moses? Damage control from a Jewish ministry, trying to reconcile the outbreak of a highbrow Messianic/Christian Judaism combination? One of the most pro Torah texts in all of the Brit Chadasha/New Testament, the lens with which we use to view this text will drastically impact the context we give it. Join us as we study Hebrews Hebraically!

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Mystery of the Melchizedek – Intro

Are you ready to go deeper into your walk of faith? Many know Jesus Christ, but we want to introduce his True Name: Yahusha Ha Moshiach, the Melchizedek (King of Righteousness). Discover the priesthood that provided our redemption and is open to the circumcised of heart!

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The Melchizedek Connection

Matthew Nolan visits Passion for Truth Ministries to speak on the “Melchizedek Connection”

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“Love Torah to the Tribes teachings thanks for all you do for His kingdom. I am new to Torah and don’t want to be led astray by false teaching…”

Bill D.

“Abba has used Torah to the Tribes immensely in my family’s lives. Thank you. He lead us to you divinely, after we got booted out of our congregation for defending the blood of Yahusha! What a blessing the Melchizedek, Ezekiel, and Hebrew teachings have been. We have been able to help clear up some confusion in those we meet just by those studies.  Thank you guys for all you do.”


“Matthew Nolan – listening to you this Sabbath for the first time and feeling blessed with your teachings (James Intro, James Pt.1 and Melchizedek). Blessings.”

Carolyn L.


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