Torah to the Tribes is not only a podcast covering the Bible, Biblical prophecy and current events but also hosts a broadcast and community center, as well as hosting the Three Annual Pilgrimage Feasts—Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Matthew Nolan

About Matthew Nolan

Matthew Nolan is an American-English conservative Bible commentator. He is the founder and media host of Torah to the Tribes; a podcast covering the Bible, Biblical prophecy and current events, streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and iTunes

Born: Surrey, United Kingdom.

Residence: Salem, Oregon USA.

Nationality: American-English.

Occupation: Bible commentator, media personality, school director and educator.

Years Active: 1997-present.

Early Life & Career

Matthew Nolan was born in England and educated in a private all boys boarding school; Embley Park, the former family home of Florence Nightingale from 1825 until her death in 1910. It is also where Florence Nightingale claimed she had received her divine calling from YaHWeH in 1837 at Embley whilst she sat underneath a tree in the grounds.

Later, he left England to travel throughout Israel when he was eighteen years old. This experience in the Holy Land deeply impacted his Biblical worldview. He then moved to America and after years of being adrift within the West Coast’s early Grunge scene in Seattle W.A he came to faith in Messiah when he was in his mid-twenties.

Matthew was initially taught and discipled in the Bible at Calvary Chapel where he served as a college Bible teacher. He first began commentating on the Bible at Calvary Chapel to fill in for the Senior Pastor and was later appointed to become an elder and to run the college and career groups along with all the outdoor adventure ministries, in which he was the pioneer in developing Calvary Chapel’s Mountain Ministries. It was here that a lot of experience was gained in leadership and discipleship.

A deeper hunger for the Bible, stripped of religious and pagan traditions drove him into the study of Torah. At this time he also embarked upon unraveling the New Testament in its full Hebraic and Torah based context, this took years of meticulous study to remove the ‘leaven’ from New Testament translations. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek translations were sought. He later received a Semichut/ordination after studying in a Two House Netzarim Israelite Yeshiva in the early 2000’s before pursuing the ‘scattered remnant‘ as a media host and Bible commentator to the nations at large.