The Hebraic Book of Revelation

Part 6E

Social inequity and anxiety heightens in a time of manufactured scarcity. All we need now is the billionaire globalists to hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains. Oh what's this...Bill Gates steps down from the board of Microsoft today...

Economic collapse due to a breakdown in the global economy originating out of Wuhan which spirals into shipping and hits OPEC resulting in a subsequent stockpiling of oil.

The yoke of servitude ensues as money becomes worthless, manufactured famines and plagues at the hands of the globalists '1984' agenda.

This is a Hegelian Dialectic stampede that’s gaining momentum around the world as the horses gallop forth to the nations - White/the invite - Red/Socialism - Black/oil cacheing and manufactured famines - The Green New Deal & Agenda 21 unleashed! Ashen/Green - plagues, viruses and genocide.

What a day...1.5 trillion of FIAT dumped into the market, massive bank loans, the Russians are now flooding the market with their oil below cost to control the flow and cut the U.S. companies out. This is why the President announced a bail out for the oil companies on Tuesday. At the price of oil per barrel the U.S oil companies can’t pay their loans to the banks!!!

This is the trickle down economics of Mystery Babylon…and the final furlong of our apocalyptic equestrians.

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The Hebraic Book of Revelation

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