The Hebraic Book of Revelation

Part 3A

Sardis: the admonition to be watchful held special meaning to Sardis, because it twice had fallen to an enemy due to lack of vigilance on the part of the inhabitants.

In 549 BCE Cyrus captured the acropolis by deploying a climber to scale up a crevice in one of the near perpendicular walls of the mountain fortress.

Late in the 3rd century BCE it was captured again in the same way. A Cretan by the name of Lagoras found a nice crack and with 15 men ascended and opened the gates from within allowing the armies of Antiochus the Great to overpower the rebel Archaeus (216BCE).

An old bible saying: “as in history so in life, to consider oneself secure and fail to remain vigilant is to court disaster.”

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The Hebraic Book of Revelation

Intro A

Revelation is is a book of prophecy written by a prophet, It’s about our future and we’re supposed to be…

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Intro B

My understanding and teaching of the book of Revelation is: That the eschatological consummation falls on the present according to…

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Part 2D

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Part 3B

Rev 3:14These things says The Amein, the only Faithful and Emet witness, the beginning/archē/bikurim of all the creation of יהוה.…

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Part 4

In this period of intensified conflict, realize the course of history isn’t determined by political power but by יהוה as…

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Part 5

We’ll discover that the Revelation chapter 5 scroll contains the New Covenant land deed administered under the Melchizedek priesthood covenant…

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Part 6A

Salvation from eternal destruction comes by the Lamb. Salvation from the destruction to come upon this world is to be…

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Part 6B

The scriptural key to unlocking the seals is understanding 4 PROFOUND things: 1.The Holy Spirit of Revelation was rejected and…

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Part 6D

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Part 6E

Social inequity and anxiety heightens in a time of manufactured scarcity. All we need now is the billionaire globalists to…

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Part 7

The Rev Ch. 7 sealing of believers is a an assurance of spiritual safety on the grounds of Divine ownership.…

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Part 8

The question I pose is; do the seven seals and the seven trumpets cover the same period, or do they…

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Part 8B

During quarantine, masses of believers have fallen prey to the worldwide pandemic scenario underwritten by those who blaspheme, of them…

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Part 9

A host of demonic locusts who attack the bodies of men but do not kill them: The backdrop to this…

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Part 9B

Rev 9:1 And the fifth heavenly angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from the heaven to the earth…

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Loose the four heavenly angels which are bound in the great River Euphrates. 2 possibilities: 1. These are the Cherubim’s…

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Part 10

Pandora's box, something else was let into the world when the lid was pulled away, something to counterbalance the evils…

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