The Acts of the Hebrews

Part 9

Discrepancies in Acts. Can Luke and Paul be trusted? A shadow governing authority take over. People being tagged for transport.

What happens when civil authorities are given broad sweeping powers of arrest and detainment? IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE IN ACTS 9.

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The Acts of the Hebrews

Intro A

In reality this book records the Acts of the Holy Spirit through his people in a time very similar to…

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Intro B

For about sixteen hundred years, the Christian faith has been put forth from a western “Greek” perspective as if a…

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Part 1A

It’s important for us to understand who this Theophilos of Acts is. The book of Luke was written originally to…

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Part 1B

The Holy Spirit reminds us that human understanding will undoubtedly bring about the wrong time to mind. It’s the coming…

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Part 2

If the apostles were somewhere other than the temple on Shavuot they would of been in rebellion to the Word…

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Part 3

Before Chrysostom in the fourth century wrote his famous homilies few seem to cite or know about Acts. Acts was…

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Part 4

Believers standing up to abuse of authority. What happens when governors weaponize police power? Peter and John end up getting…

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Part 5

Money money money. Follow the money. Our biggest daily conflict isn’t with the NWO, Satan, the government and the Wu-Flu,…

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Part 5B

More Money! The way we prioritize our finances is either to enact the law of the open window to heaven…

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Part 6

The law of the harvest, the spiritual law of consequence! Be careful; whatever you accuse someone else of falsely you…

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Part 7

The war of the witnesses! ACTS 7:20 the life of Moses: the three 40 year periods correspond to the three…

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Part 8

PHILIP gets transported, not raptured, but transported. Just like Enoch and Elijah before him. A case for supernatural teleporting, to…

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Part 10

The prophet Jonah was sent from Joppa to the nations. In Acts 10 Peter son of Jonah is sent to…

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