The Feast of Unleavened Bread – Topical Teaching

What is leaven? As we approach Chag Ha’Matzot/Feast of Unleavened Bread, we are called to examine our house and remove the leaven. If our focus is more on cleaning baking products out of our cupboards than examining our lives and cleaning out the sin, we miss the gravitas of the feast. We need to remove the leaven of the old man and replace it with the leaven of Yahusha, The Bread of Life.

T4Newsletter – April 2017

The original Passover brought a nation out of Egypt, only to fall short and break the covenant with The Living Elohim. This event was and is a foreshadowing of the plan Yahuwah{God} has to restore his people to himself. The Messiah was born of a virgin for fulfilling the very purpose of becoming the actual Passover lamb that would hang on a tree for our trespasses. On Passover, we will reflect, carry out, and do as our Messiah King and Priest taught some 2000 years ago through the Last Supper and Passover (John 13-17).

T4Newsletter – March 2017

Passover is an amazing time to reach out to so many in the traditional Christian environment. It’s an opportunity for those who are seeking to exchange garments — from the soiled garments offered at an Easter tradition to the unsoiled garments of Messiah available at a holy Passover Feast. Click post to read more.

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 6

What does ‘under the law’/‘hupo nomon’ really mean? Traditional approaches to the text have resulted in doctrine that is not consistent with the context of the whole of Scripture. If we reject Yahusha’s inauguration of the New Covenant, we bind ourselves to the curses that are contained in the Book of the Law. Grace cannot be divorced from it’s inception point, national covenant blessing.

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