Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 14

Do you cause fellow believers to stumble by your eating? Many have used this passage to establish unbiblical precedents. Shaul/Paul is not doing away with the dietary instructions, but rather establishes standards of building a community and whats causes harm to that community. We are command to exhibit faithfulness with our approach to our food, so not as to condemn ourselves with what we allow.

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 13 • Part 2

Can we follow the instruction of Yahuwah and obey the government? All established government is based upon a theocracy, but the elohim being served is not always Yahuwah. As believers in a world that does not value righteousness, we must remain true to Yah, but we must walk a path of maturity, temperance, and self-control, empowered by the Ruach ha’Kodesh/Holy Spirit.

T4Newsletter – July 2017

Newsletter July 2017 Pretty is as pretty does. Or is it, pretty does as pretty is? Do our actions make us good or bad, right or wrong? There are lots of ideas that seem right at first, and usually there is some truth to it. But it’s only when we weigh every...

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 12 • Part 1

Are you performing your act of reasonable temple service? Shaul/Paul understood that this concept not only started prior to the construction of the tabernacle or temple, but would be vital to Daniel’s prophetic vision of our future. Discover how a willful mistranslation, a Daniel deception, can reshape your eschatological views and harmonize with the whole of Scripture.

T4Newsletter – June 2017

Newsletter June 2017 Sin is an ugly thing.  Just ask Adam and Eve.  In an instant everything changed.  It was just one decision; just a “ taste”  from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  But they would soon discover the ugly truth behind the beautiful lie of...

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