Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 8 – Part 1

Which “law” do you prefer; the “law of sin and death” or “the law of the Spirit of Life”? As there is then, now, no condemnation for those who are in Messiah, we are free to walk as Abraham did, in Royal Covenant Torah. Only through Yahusha’s blood ratification, can we return to Torah that transforms our inward man, leading us to right action.

T4Newsletter – March 2017

Passover is an amazing time to reach out to so many in the traditional Christian environment. It’s an opportunity for those who are seeking to exchange garments — from the soiled garments offered at an Easter tradition to the unsoiled garments of Messiah available at a holy Passover Feast. Click post to read more.

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 6

What does ‘under the law’/‘hupo nomon’ really mean? Traditional approaches to the text have resulted in doctrine that is not consistent with the context of the whole of Scripture. If we reject Yahusha’s inauguration of the New Covenant, we bind ourselves to the curses that are contained in the Book of the Law. Grace cannot be divorced from it’s inception point, national covenant blessing.

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Chapter 5

Is Torah synonymous with The Law of Moses? Limiting out understanding of these terms cannot be limited to the first five books of the Bible. Rabbinical tradition inherited by the Institutional Church has created a paradigm that has impacted our ability to rightly divide Scripture. Shaul/Paul admonishes us to seek a better reconciliation; by covenant, through the blood of Yahusha.

T4Newsletter – February 2017

A Message from Matthew 2017 brings new disciples and growth as Torah to the Tribes crosses national boundaries to reach the exiles, with over half a million visitors to the new website in just the few short weeks since its launch. As more and more people are awakening...

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