Ezekiel and the Revelation of the 13 Scrolls

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13 dated scrolls each containing a vision given to the prophet over a period of 25 years whilst he was in the Babylonian Exile (597BCE). TRADITIONAL DATING METHOD: traditionally Chapter 1:V.2-3 being A DESCRIPTIVE DOCET has thrown off all traditional dating methods. By men not taking into consideration that Chapter 1:vs2-3 is the only date NOT affixed […]

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Ezekiel and the Revelation of the 13 Scrolls


Ezekiel; the priest and prophet whose primary mission was away from the land of Israel; finds himself in the midst of Israel’s sinfulness;…

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Scroll 1 Part 3

Ezekiel 11:1-2;   1 Moreover the Ruach lifted me up, and brought me to the East Gate of vuvh’s Bayit, which looks eastward:…

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