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Hebrews Hebraically

Wrap Up

April 16, 2016

What is the message of the book of Ivrim/Hebrews? As we wrap up, we’ll look at the major themes and ideas that we have touched on throughout the study.

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Chapter 13

April 9, 2016

How do we please Abba/Father? The author of Hebrews exhorts us to to remain and remember in a state of what is praising and pleasing to Yahusha. Our pursuit of the Son through our covenant fidelity that determines how we finish the race.

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Chapter 12

March 26, 2016

Are you ready to run the race? With so much going on in the world around us; it’s crucial that we understand the validity of the priesthood today, the race that we are in, and the necessity of the discipline of יהוה/Yahuwah.

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Chapter 11

March 19, 2016

Two houses, or one new man? As we explore the Hall of Faith, we find an admonishment to return to the same faith of the saints. Together, we press on with patient endurance, and look for the nine things that testify to true faith.

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Chapter 10 • Part 2

March 12, 2016

How does The Son get trampled under foot? We transition from looking at the superior theological aspects of Yahusha and the Melchizedek to how we can practically apply it in our lives.

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Chapter 10

March 5, 2016

Who is your Kohen Ha Gadol/High Priest? Let’s take a look at the historical and cultural perspective of the Kadosh Ha Kedoshim/Holy of Holies, and gain a foundational Hebraic understanding for the transfiguration of Moshiach/Messiah.

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Chapter 9

February 27, 2016

What is the secret weapon that יהוה/Yahuwah uses to overcome sin and hasatan? Discover how Yahusha cleansed the Heavenly Tabernacle and the articles therein. A cleansing that would allow us to return to covenant living.

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Chapter 8

February 20, 2016

What is the difference between the old and the new priesthoods? In order for the enacting of a New Covenant, it was necessary to to have a change in the priesthood. Yahusha operates in a priestly service, in a far deeper reality beyond what can be humanly seen on earth, this makes His ministry far superior.

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Chapter 7 • Part 2

February 13, 2016

You can’t divide the Torah, can you? A division of Torah and a change in the priesthood allow us to put away that which was temporary and carnal, and embrace the eternal, superior order of Melchizedek.

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Chapter 7

February 6, 2016

Do you know the genealogy of the Melchizedek Priesthood? The author of Ivrim/Hebrews lays out the lineage of the Melchizedek, from Adam to Yahusha! By coming under Melchizedek, you follow the Yahusha’s narrow way, stripped of syncretism and out from under imposed mediation.

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Chapter 6

January 30, 2016

What are the elementary principles of Moshiach/Messiah? What is it that cannot be recovered if we fall away? Discover the five spiritual privileges and the four facts given concerning the ticvah/hope of יהוה/Yahuwah.

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Chapter 5

January 23, 2016

Who’s your High Priest? The right to rule has always been established through genealogy. Is a false genealogy and imposed hierarchy impairing your ability to interpret Scripture? Stop a diet of “milk” and go for the “meat”!

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Chapter 4

January 16, 2016

Is entering into the “Sabbath Rest” a spiritual principle, or something more tangible? What did Yahusha/Jesus teach and does the author agree with it? We open Chapter 4 with a Biblical and historical view on Sabbath keeping and examine the third pillar of Judaism; the Levitical Priesthood.

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Chapter 3

January 2, 2016

Do we want to be Israelites who test יהוה/Yahuwah, or enter into His rest? Our study examines the second pillar of Judaism, Moshe/Moses, and how it points to Moshiac/Messiah. We’ll also take a look at the sins and weaknesses of the previous generations, so we can avoid the same traps and pitfalls.

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Chapter 2

December 26, 2015

Do you know the Melchizedek? Explore the composition of Moshiach/Messiah; His Kingship, His nature, His flesh, His right to rule, His life, His death. Ivrim/Hebrews part two looks at Christology and dismantles doctrinal errors to pave way for a Biblical, Melchizedek understanding.

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Chapter 1

December 19, 2015

What’s so great about it? Contrasting the old and new, the author of Ivrim/Hebrews considers the methods, times, and agents used for the revelation given by יהוה/Yahuwah. The primacy of Melchizedek is established with the elevation of Yahusha. Discover the seven indicators that trumpet the greatness of Moshiac/Messiah!

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December 12, 2015

What is going on with the book of Ivrim/Hebrews? Is it a Pauline epistle? A confirmation of the end of the Law of Moshe/Moses? Damage control from a Jewish ministry, trying to reconcile the outbreak of a highbrow Messianic/Christian Judaism combination? One of the most pro Torah texts in all of the Brit Chadasha/New Testament, the lens with which we use to view this text will drastically impact the context we give it.

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