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Rightly Divide the Word of Truth!

Our rightly divided Affirmation of Truth

It is His testimony and our statement of truth lived out before man

We make the Affirmation That:

  • יהוה (Yahuwah) is the Echad (plural One) True Elohim (God), conveyed in (Devarim {Deuteronomy} 6:4) and (Shemot {Exodus} 34:6-8).

  • Yahusha Ha Moshiach (Messiah) is the Melchizedek Kohen Ha Gadol (High Priest), the Word of יהוה (Yahuwah), the Son of ‘Elohim manifested in the flesh and is the fullness of Elohim (God) in bodily form.

  • The New Testament is Yahusha’s interpretation of the Tanakh (Old Testament).
  • Salvation is by grace through faith, and that only by the shedding of Messiah’s innocent blood is there remission of sins.
  • Yahusha was born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit (Ruach haQodesh).

Book of the Covenant vs. Book of the Law

We make the Affirmation That:

  • The Scriptures Bereishis (Genesis) to Gilyahna (Revelation) is the infallible word of יהוה (Yahuwah) and all Scripture is “Yah breathed for teaching, reproof, correcting and training in Righteousness”. 2 Timothy 3:16.
  • The ‘Book of the Covenant’ and the ‘Book of the Law’ are not synonymous (Deuteronomy 31:26).
  • There has been a change of law ‘Torah’ (Hebrews 7:12 & 7:18; Genesis 49:10)
  • We are to rightly divide the law ‘Torah’ (2 Timothy 2:15), differentiating between the agreed to ‘Book of the Covenant’ torah and the imposed ‘Book of the Law’.
  • The ‘Book of the Law’ was added after the Golden Calf breach to keep us under guard, a tutor until Messiah came to make a New Covenant given as Torah (Galatians 3:19 & 3:24; Hebrews 8:6 & 9:10), the Melchizedek ‘Book of the Covenant’ – the Covenants of Promise.
  • You cannot add to an already blood ratified covenant (Exodus 24:7; Galatians 3:15).
  • The context of Galatians addresses the dichotomy between the ‘Book of the Law’ that we’re freed from; and the New Covenant; given as Torah – the ‘Book of the Covenant’; which Messiah’s blood has enabled us to be partakers of, The Covenants of Promise!

We make the Affirmation That:

  • Yahusha has ushered us into His Melchizedek Royal Priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) where we are to walk in His Royal law, ‘Book of the Covenant’ Torah (Exodus 19:4, James 2:8), the perfect law ‘Torah’ of liberty (James 1:26) contained within His Covenants of Promise (Ephesians 2:12).
  • Jeremiah 33:17 speaks to the Kingship and Levitical conditional covenant promise outlined in (1 King 9:5; Jeremiah 22:30) which Israel broke! There is no everlasting Levitical priesthood and has been no everlasting Davidic king sitting on the throne in Jerusalem.
  • The Book of Ezekiel isn’t Millennial but a collection of 13 date stamped scrolls.
  • There is an order of Melchizedek Priests here on earth today as the Masters prayer confirms, “let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matthew 5 & 28:18; Hebrews 7)
  • The Melchizedek priesthood of believers are the true temple! יהוה (Yahuwah) has chosen His temple and it’s His Kingdom of Melchizedek priests. (Hebrews 9:10)

Meet our Teacher – Matthew Moshe Nolan

I was born in England and educated in a private all boys boarding school. Later, I left England for Israel when I was eighteen years old. This experience in the Holy Land changed my outlook on life forever. I then moved to America and after years of aimlessly wandering came to faith in Messiah Yahusha when I was in my mid twenties.

I was initially taught and discipled in the scriptures at Calvary Chapel where I served as a youth leader and a college bible teacher. First began teaching at Calvary Chapel to fill in for the senior pastor and was later appointed to be an elder to run the college and career group along with all the outdoor adventure ministries. It was here that a lot of experience was gained in leadership and discipleship.

A deeper hunger for the scriptures, stripped of religious tradition and paganism drove me into the study of the Torah. At this time I also embarked upon unraveling the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) in its full Hebraic and Torah based context, this took years of meticulous study to remove the leaven from New Testament translations. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek translations were sought. I received a Semichut/ordination after studying through a Two House Netzarim Israelite Yeshiva.

Who Are We?

Torah To The Tribes is an independent and unaffiliated congregation located on the West Coast of the USA and has a worldwide outreach through internet broadcasts. Our congregational family is a very important part of our ministry because it brings brethren together and builds our community. The hope is to draw families together in a safe healthy environment where scriptural study, worship and community can nourish the body of Messiah. Join us weekly either online or in person on our journey of Biblical Exploration.

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