Unlocking Galatians Hebraically

Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Intro

Galatians is a polemic addressing the Book of the Law and Book of the Covenant dichotomy. The Book of the law – ‘the law – is not of faith’ (Galatians 3:10-12), the Book of Covenant – Covenants of Promise are by faith!

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Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Part 1

What is the “different gospel” of Galatians 1:6? What is the law that brings a curse to believers in Yahusha that is being spoken of? Written law? Oral law? Roman law? What are the two covenants singled out in Gal. 4:21 that connect back to Abraham?

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Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Part 2

Using the Scripture as the dictionary for the scripture prevents theorizing and surmising what the ‘law’ and ‘separation’ in Galatians 2 is all about! Ephesians 2:11 explains succinctly the context of Galatians 2.

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Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Part 3

To enter a New Covenant given as Torah – Book of the Covenant Torah paid for by his blood. Reconnecting us back to the covenants of promise from which we had been aliens and strangers – a return to the Melchizedek book of the Covenant of Promise!

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Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Part 4

We have to be careful today who we associate with because many in the Hebrew Roots have a selective Torah observance, void of the Book of the Covenant parameters that avoids the foundational ethical and moral imperatives of Torah…no love…no compassion….no Spirit…no faith – because, “the law (Book of the Law) is not of faith.” Galatians 3:12, thus producing a selective observance void of “the weightier matters of the law.” Matthew 23:23.

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