Hebrews Hebraically

Hebrews Hebraically – Intro

What is going on with the book of Ivrim/Hebrews? Is it a Pauline epistle? A confirmation of the end of the Law of Moshe/Moses? Damage control from a Jewish ministry, trying to reconcile the outbreak of a highbrow Messianic/Christian Judaism combination? One of the most pro Torah texts in all of the Brit Chadasha/New Testament, the lens with which we use to view this text will drastically impact the context we give it. Join us as we study Hebrews Hebraically!

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Hebrews Hebraically – Part 1

What’s so great about it? Contrasting the old and new, the author of Ivrim/Hebrews considers the methods, times, and agents used for the revelation given by יהוה/Yahuwah. The primacy of Melchizedek is established with the elevation of Yahusha. Discover the seven indicators that trumpet the greatness of Moshiac/Messiah!

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Hebrews Hebraically – Part 2

Do you know the Melchizedek? Explore the composition of Moshiach/Messiah; His Kingship, His nature, His flesh, His right to rule, His life, His death. Ivrim/Hebrews part two looks at Christology and dismantles doctrinal errors to pave way for a Biblical, Melchizedek understanding.

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Hebrews Hebraically – Part 3

Do we want to be Israelites who test יהוה/Yahuwah, or enter into His rest? Our study examines the second pillar of Judaism, Moshe/Moses, and how it points to Moshiac/Messiah. We’ll also take a look at the sins and weaknesses of the previous generations, so we can avoid the same traps and pitfalls.

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Hebrews Hebraically – Part 4

Is entering into the “Sabbath Rest” a spiritual principle, or something more tangible? What did Yahusha/Jesus teach and does the author agree with it? We open Chapter 4 with a Biblical and historical view on Sabbath keeping and examine the third pillar of Judaism; the Levitical Priesthood.

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