Sukkot 2017 – The One New Man


We are currently gathered for Sukkot. Camping out and even getting rained on. But we are being blessed beyond words and want to try and bring you as much as we can before we return. On this page we will be posting audio only versions of the teachings from Sukkot in Oregon. We do have full video versions we just won’t be able to get those posted until after Sukkot is completed. Enjoy these audio only teachings before or wait if you like to see the full video versions.

Blessings to all who have an ear to hear and an eye to see.

The One New Man - Part 1

by Matthew Nolan | Sukkot Teaching 2017

The One New Man - Part 2

by Matthew Nolan | Sukkot Teaching 2017

The One New Man - Part 3

by Matthew Nolan | Sukkot Teaching 2017

The One New Man - Part 4

by Matthew Nolan | Sukkot Teaching 2017


Passover of the Master – 2017

On Passover, we reflect, carry out, and do as our Messiah Melchizedek (King and Priest) taught some 2000 years ago through the Last Supper and Passover (John 13-17).

Sukkot 2017 – The One New Man

Sukkot 2017 - The One New Man Video versions of teachings coming soon. Downloads facebook Twitter...

The Festival of Shavuot – The Mountain of Reversal

Are you ready to be transformed from the carnal to the spiritual? As we enter into Shavuot/Pentecost, we transition from the barley harvest, into the mature wheat harvest, and into a communal covenant. As the corporate whole of Israel is drawn together through the power of the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, that which was previously written on tablets of stone is can now be written upon our hearts.

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective – Intro

Romiyah/Romans is the most influential letter ever written and have impacted theology, politics, civil law, and church doctrine in the West. Classical approaches to this epistle have started Reformations and used to support misogyny. What if our approach to Shaul/Paul’s letter has been wrong? Join our study, as we leave behind traditional interpretations, in favor of the truth of the original language and the context of the whole of Scripture!

Unlocking Galatians Hebraically – Intro

Are you walking in freedom? In the Institutionalized Church, Galutyah/Galatians is used to justify a Christian’s severance from the law of Moshe/Moses. Is this truly the intent of the epistle, divided from the rest of Scripture? Some have found the text to be so problematic that they reject Shaul/Paul altogether. Join us, as we study Galutyah/Galatians!


Sukkot 2016 – Day 1

Teaching from Day 1


Sukkot 2016 – Day 2

Teaching from Day 2


Sukkot 2016 – Day 3

Teaching from Day 3

The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Intro

Are you on the narrow path? The Yochanan/Johannine Epistles are an exposition of those who have gone out from us on the narrow Melchizedek Path, into the esoteric wisdom of men. There is truly nothing new under the sun, as the same perversions that crept into the assemblies of The Way are present with us today.

James the Just – Intro

Yaakov Tzadik, or James the Just: Brother of Messiah, Zealot Leader, and Episcopate of the Jerusalem Assembly. Is this epistle simply an unpacking of Christology, or a guide for practical living among the Melchizedek priesthood? Join us, as we delve into the text itself and the history of it’s author; Yaakov/James!

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