Hebrews Hebraically – Part 6

What are the elementary principles of Moshiach/Messiah? What is it that cannot be recovered if we fall away? Discover the five spiritual privileges and the four facts given concerning the ticvah/hope of יהוה/Yahuwah.

Hebrews Hebraically – Part 7

Do you know the genealogy of the Melchizedek Priesthood? The author of Ivrim/Hebrews lays out the lineage of the Melchizedek, from Adam to Yahusha! By coming under Melchizedek, you follow the Yahusha’s narrow way, stripped of syncretism and out from under imposed mediation.

Hebrews Hebraically – Part 8

What is the difference between the old and the new priesthoods? In order for the enacting of a New Covenant, it was necessary to to have a change in the priesthood. Yahusha operates in a priestly service, in a far deeper reality beyond what can be humanly seen on earth, this makes His ministry far superior.

Hebrews Hebraically – Part 9

What is the secret weapon that יהוה/Yahuwah uses to overcome sin and hasatan. Discover how Yahusha cleansed the Heavenly Tabernacle and the articles therein. A cleansing that would allow us to return to covenant living.

Hebrews Hebraically – Part 10

Who is your Kohen Ha Gadol/High Priest? Let’s take a look at the historical and cultural perspective of the Kadosh Ha Kedoshim/Holy of Holies, and gain a foundational Hebraic understanding for the transfiguration of Moshiach/Messiah.

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