A Message from Matthew

2017 brings new disciples and growth as Torah to the Tribes crosses national boundaries to reach the exiles, with over half a million visitors to the new website in just the few short weeks since its launch. As more and more people are awakening to the truth, as they question both the Institutionalized Church and the Hebrew Roots, Torah to the Tribes has been able to step in and aid in bringing the full council of Elohim within the context of covenant Torah to light.

I’ve always known that I could never do this alone. Only with a collective vision, determination and cooperative spirit can we attain the greatness that the gospel demands. If it’s about hierarchy and leadership cliques, we fail. If it’s about empowering YHWH’s children and freeing us all to covenant Torah we succeed because we dwell within the Abba’s will.

Always remembering the balance between study and prayer, spirit and truth, cleansing the inside of our vessels over the outside of our vessels — that’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us unique in this fallen and depraved world.

We’re blessed beyond measure as you all join us from all over the nation and nations; ever- changing nations and nation, as the political landscape has shifted both at home and abroad.

Are we at the beginning of a reformation, or have the elitists just taken a pause for four to eight years because they didn’t have as much momentum to accomplish their final agenda as they had hoped for after eight years of President Obama? It remains to be seen. But we have a duty to remain vigilant in our studies, our prayers, and as citizens who are a part of the Israel of Elohim (Galatians 6:16).

With all that is taking shape, I’m encouraged because of the ever-present hope that’s within me. But even more so because I see so many of you having a zeal for an authenticity to your faith; an authenticity together with the tribe as we endeavor to search out and seek the Savior in our daily lives as we join together for his Shabbats and Moedim.

On that note, as we fast approach the Spring Feasts, be sure you connect with fellow members of Torah to the Tribes through the fellowship finder and participate. Remember, you’ll always have a place at our table, always have a Sabbath friend and always have a Festal destination until we’re all joined together at the triumphant end!

Connect with us on Shabbat, online and in person and thank you!

Blessings, and be a blessing in Yahusha’s name,



Preparing for The Passover

As the Passover season draws near, now is the time to begin preparing our hearts and our homes for Yahuah’s appointed times. While next month’s issue of the Torah to the Tribes newsletter will focus in detail on the specifics of what this preparation entails and how to prepare, here are three steps you can take to get ready:

  • Read Exodus 19:5 to understand the first step of our Melchizedek walk
  • Receive the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) via Mikvah (full body immersion)
  • Review the 2017 Covenant Calendar

In the meantime, we encourage you to review these teachings by Matthew Nolan on the T4 YouTube channel: The Passover of the Master and 7th Edition Vayikra – The Melchizedek Passover. Torah to the Tribes will be live-streaming our Passover service on the evening of April 2nd. We will have details on how you can participate from home with your family and friends and offer fresh ideas on how to make this time with Yahuah even more meaningful.

Hebrew Word of the Month

Goy (goy) or Goyim: Nation (As applied to either Yisrael, or the Gentiles, depending on context). Also, an individual not born in Yisrael. Source: Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition, 5th Edition.

Kosher Korner

As children of Yisrael, we are called to a set-apart life. This includes the type and quality of the foods we eat. Those of you who come out of the Messianic or Hebrew Roots communities… Read More

by Libby Lingenfelter

Do you know someone suffering from Holi-DAZE? This month many professing Christians in North America and across the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th as well as Mardi Gras on February 28th. The key question for one to ponder is why? After all, in 2015, the total expenditures for Valentine’s Day alone approached 19 Billion dollars! This may be a very good indicator that one should “follow the money.”

My personal take is that they are suffering from a case of Holi-DAZE. Though you will not find the word “Holi-DAZE” in a dictionary, let me suggest how the term might be defined.  Read More

Community Question of the Month

“I am seeking to understand a teaching by Matthew Nolan that a friend shared with me. His teaching was contrasting echad – a plural on in Hebrew – with triunity, which I thought was the same thing. Do you understand what the difference is?” Bobbi

Submit your response to the question via email and we will post the best answer in next month’s issue of our newsletter! Send your answer to [email protected]. If you have a story or testimony to share, we would also love to hear from you.

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