Are you one of the B’nai יהוה/children of Yahuwah? The entrustment of this title comes with the mandate that we do righteousness in the midst of this fallen world. The works of your hands are a revelation of your parentage.

The Hebraic Epistle of First John - Chapter 3

by Matthew Nolan | The Hebraic Epistle of First John

Yohanan Alef | First John – Chapter 3

First John 3:1 Behold what manner of ahava Abba has bestowed on us, that we should be called b’nai vuvh! Therefore the olam hazeh does not know us, because it did not know Him. 2 Beloved, now we are b’nai vuvh; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

Because we’ve had the title B’nai יהוה bestowed upon us, makes us strangers to the world. The world is Satan’s family reunion that you and I find ourselves as unwelcome guests. It’s doing righteousness in the midst of the reunion that distinguishes the children of יהוה and the children of S.a.tan.

We are children not born of natural decent! Those who can’t comprehend this (1:12) give away their parentage don’t they? They err following the Synagogue of Satan and human decision or a husbands will, but not born of יהוה

It’s surprising, but our greatest opposition right now comes from Torah doctrine peddlers

First John 3:3 And everyone who has this tikvah in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.

The reason the world doesn’t know us is that they didn’t know him! But because we have this hope in Him we’re charged to purify ourselves, just as He is pure. Take up your charge!

First John 3:4 Anyone who commits sin violates Torah, for sin is the transgression of the Torah.

We know Yahusha didn’t die so that we could have the grace to continue to sin! Sin is herein defined as violating the Torah – YHWH’s teaching and instruction.

If you excuse away the Hebrews 7:12 plainly stated change in Torah that’s always been in Gen 49:10 Torah and you fall into the Church and Rabbinic trap of a synonomous BoL BoC you’re in sin. Why? You’re not perfuming the Shabbat sacrifices, not visiting the priest in matters of judgement not following the very unchanged Torah that you espouse – you’re picking and choosing which commandments apply today based upon logic and reason, making excuses because it’s not convenient or not constructed yet – thus condemning yourself.

If you’re not rightly dividing the word of Torah (2 Tim 2:15, Heb 7:12, Gen 49:10) between Boc and BoL you’re still in sin and you’ve put yourself under a curse. It’s no different than the Church, you just joined a Jewish religion instead of a Christian one:

Galatians 3:10 For as many as areof the works of the laware under the curse: for it is written,Cursed is every one that continueth not inall thingswhich are writteninthebookof thelawto dothem.

If you’re holding to an unchanged Torah like Rabbinic Judaism and Messianic Judaism teach then you’re under the works of the law – the BoL and cursed. You jumped ship from the sinking vessel of paganism, syncretism and lawlessness only to grab hold of the cursed buoy that some Messianic Jew threw to you, thinking it was a life line, all the while bypassing the BoC Torah life boat piloted by the Malki-Tzedik Kohen Ha Gadol – filled with the redeemed priesthood – plucked from being tossed to and fro from every wind of doctrine!

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The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Intro

Are you on the narrow path? The Yochanan/Johannine Epistles are an exposition of those who have gone out from us on the narrow Melchizedek Path, into the esoteric wisdom of men. There is truly nothing new under the sun, as the same perversions that crept into the assemblies of The Way are present with us today.


The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Chapter 1

Do you have the Word of Life? Those that claim to know and have a relationship with יהוה/Yahuwah will be tested by their attitudes towards sin. Yochanan/John addresses the claims of the secessionists by delving into what intimacy with יהוה/Yahuwah really is.


The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Chapter 2

What good is knowledge without discernment? If we are unable to know the difference between what is clean and unclean, good and evil, right and wrong. True knowledge of יהוה/Yahuwah is dependent upon ongoing obedience towards Him.


The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Chapter 3

Are you one of the B’nai יהוה/children of Yahuwah? The entrustment of this title comes with the mandate that we do righteousness in the midst of this fallen world. The works of your hands are a revelation of your parentage.


The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Chapter 4

Have you tested the ruachim/spirits? It is written that יהוה/Yahuwah will send lying spirits to those who are part of the congregations of the wicked. Yahusha has provided us with an indivisible Covenant with an indivisible priesthood!


The Hebraic Epistle of First John – Chapter 5

Are you guarding His mitzvoth/commandments? True belief is not learned, but born out of conversion. Birthed from our faith, our struggle with flesh and sin is what identifies us as Yisrael/Israel.

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