Torah to the Tribes is laying the foundations of the Melchizedek Priesthood as taught in the First Century Bible texts in their full Hebraic context. Sincere Bible students are now leaving the Institutionalized Church in droves after awakening as the ‘royal priesthood, a chosen generation’ and thereby adopting tenets of the Hebrew Faith like the Sabbath and the Biblical Feasts. We strive to influence those awakening to the Melchizedek Priesthood ‘to rightly divide the word of Torah’ and thereby awaken to ‘the Book of the Covenant’ division of Torah – what James the Just calls ‘the royal Torah.’
By studying with us through our weekly live stream and YouTube teachings we are assisting many in their return to ‘Book of the Covenant’ Torah observance, thereby restoring the Melchizedek priesthood to the whole house of Israel.

Torah to the Tribes teaches ‘the Torah and the testimony’ of Messiah to those returning to ‘The Covenants of Promise’ – one Torah and one ordinance for the Twelve Tribes and the stranger who decides to ‘join the priesthood not a denomination’.  Our goal is to feed Israel, strengthen Israel, heal the sick, bind up the broken and aid in bringing back to Melchizedek New Covenant fidelity within the priesthood – all Twelve Tribes of Israel that were driven away… ‘seeking the lost sheep of the House of Israel’ amongst the nations.